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Welcome to Scientific Recipes: Home of scientific eating and living! Together with Symptometry root-cause therapeutics we offer you the only health care system that addresses the needs of the cells in order to overcome any illness or disease naturally and scientifically.

Our approach is to provide the cells with nourishing enzyme building foods that heal and prevent diseases… one morsel at a time! 

A Scientific Approach to Health and Healing!

About us

Scientific recipes together with Symptometry Root Cause Therapeutics (RCT) brings you the ultimate healthcare of the new millennium. 

Starting with a consultation, allow us to help you navigate healthy choices to find your customize path to healthy longevity. We customize an eating and recovery plan so that your body is able to rebuild itself, restore optimal health and regain strength so that future illnesses are prevented.  

Our goal is to empower you to take personal responsibility for your health so, we offer a FREE introductory self-paced e-courses to teach you science-based knowledge about the pitfalls that may prevent you from achieving good health! 

Scientific recipes and Symptometry is for those who wish to have a disease-free body in this lifetime!  Optimal Health is within Your reach!

We count enzymes not calories

Food Enzymes and Ancillary enzymes, the little-known workers

Enzymes are the very first essential our cells produce because they are their work tool. Since the cells cannot achieve anything without them, they must produce thousands of enzymes every second of every minute.

The cells of our organs produce enzymes to break down food molecules, water molecules, and nutrients so food is well digested.

Enzymes also break down acids, poisons, salts, sludge, and debris, and clear congestion from the cells.

Eating a scientific diet every day is the best and most scientific way to help your cells produce enzymes daily.

Important to Note:

In a person, nothing just happens. It is enzymes or the absence of enzymes that make things happen in a person. If sickness occurs, one lacks enzymes. Eating scientifically is essential, as it leaves you with an enzyme surplus daily.

Why Do We Need a Scientific Diet?

Science has confirmed that food is the cause of over 90% of most diseases. On the one hand, food provides us with energy and some nutrients; on the other hand, food can set us up for symptoms of diseases. People must have the scientific knowledge to make the best food choices for their health. Chaotic eating breaks the rules and natural laws of health.

What is health?  Health is the reward that our cells give us for aligning the desires of our minds with the needs of our cells. Science has confirmed that our cells maintain our health at the cellular level. Our cells are fragile and can be harmed by natural poisons and hidden chemicals in today’s foods. To learn more:

I recommend purchasing the book titled The Downside of Nutrition. “The Untold Truth About the Foods We Love” by Dr. Maxwell Nartey, founder of Symptometry and The American School of Symptometry NFP, the only school that teaches the true meaning of health and disease prevention.

Symptometry Root Cause Therapeutics

Symptometry (RCT) is the most scientific yet natural method of curing illnesses and preventing diseases. What makes Symptometry unique? Its practices align with the natural laws and rules of health.

Instead of treating the symptom, Symptometry removes the source that caused the symptom or disease naturally and scientifically. Let’s start with a consultation to customize a recovery plan so your cells can rebuild, rejuvenate, and regain strength to put you on the path to optimal health.

No doctor-patient contact is necessary. Consultation is done over the phone.  Call Coach Yvette  for a health consultation at 708-972-3277 – pls leave a message. Thank you for choosing the path to optimal health!

Our recipes builds an enzyme surplus! for health and longevity!

Lamb has the amino acid called acetylcholine, which prevents forgetfulness, dementia, and Alzheimer’s

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