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Welcome to Scientific Recipes: Home of Scientific Eating and Living! Together with Symptometry root-cause therapeutics we offer you the the only health care system that addresses the needs of the cells in order to overcome any illness or disease naturally and scientifically.

Our approach is to provide the cells with cell nourishing, enzyme building foods that heals and eradicate diseases… one morsel at a time! 

A Scientific Approach to Health and Healing!

About us

The onset of disease can sometimes be linked to poor choices in diet or lifestyle. With the assistance of a Symptometry Health Coach and a Doctor of Symptometry, our program offers safe, scientifically proven alternative for overcoming an illness and enhancing your overall health.

This is achieved by eating a scientific diet which highlighting the five food groups that compel your body’s enzymes to accelerate the production of brain and body essentials. The constant maintenance of the body’s cells enables a person to resist diseases, and by combating diseases, optimal health is within your reach!

 We highly recommend acquiring Dr. Maxwell Nartey’s book titled The Downside of Nutrition. The untold truths about the foods we love!

We count enzymes not calories

Enzymes are vital to our health as they are the very first essentials our cells produce – thousands every second of every minute. Enzymes break down food molecules, water molecules, nutrients, acids, poisons, salts, sludge, debris, etc. You can say that enzymes control every action in our body. When our enzymes are depleted or insufficient in number, symptoms and other degenerative diseases could occur over time.

Our program guides you toward the daily goal of maintaining an enzyme surplus. An abundance of enzymes decreases the risk of developing tumors or cancer in our bodies. Enzymes play a significant role in keeping us healthy

You can now learn all about the importance of enzymes and  their protection of the human body at The American School of Symptometry, the only school that teaches the true meaning of health!.

Why Do We Need a Scientific Diet?

Most people think that consumption of any food provides the energy our bodies need. Fast food conglomerates would also lead us to believe that adding lettuce and tomato to their sandwiches make your selections “healthier” choices. 

What We’re “Not” Told is most of the food we consume in modern society weaken our immune system and are problematic to our cells, leaving us vulnerable to symptoms and diseases. 

Benefits of Eating Scientifically: Symptometry’s recommended foods were scientifically selected to help individuals to build the enzyme surplus necessary to overcome illnesses, strengthen the immune system, and maintain longer periods of optimal health. The human body requires at least 50,000 food enzymes and ancillary enzymes to thoroughly digest a meal. Our program identifies the 45 foods that contain fewer enzymes, therefore requiring less enzymes from the body to breakdown the food we eat. When you eat scientifically, it promotes cellular health and limit the amount of chemical bonds and excess debris and congestion caused by a poor diet. 

Add ENERGY and VITALITY back into your life by learning this amazing way of eating!

Symptometry RCT

Symptometry is the only field of therapeutics that treats a person’s illness by addressing the needs of the cell’s and their DNA. Symptometry is a complete departure from other therapeutics. Symptometric science is the application of atomic physics, classical physics, and quantum mechanics to human anatomy and physiology.

Symptometry invented symptometric science to explain why diseases occur, what should be done to prevent diseases, or what should be done to assist our cells in reversing cell neglect and restore cellular health. 

Symptometrics teaches how the cells that produce the brain, the bones, the teeth, the organs, the systems, and the other body parts use water and well-combined specific nutrients to protect themselves. Also, it teaches how the body uses nutrients and water to produce replacement cells, enzymes, neurons, neurotransmitters, and hormones to run the body efficiently. 

It is now time to emphasize the production of enzymes, scientific eating, cell nourishment, DNA repair, the protection of our chromosomes, the realignment of the genes with DNA, and the realignment of DNA with the three RNAs so that people can be optimally healthy. Every endeavor is based on verifiable scientific facts.

Now, there is symptometric science and medical science in the field of therapeutics.

What does the doctor of Symptometry do? He or she is the code decipherer and the healing facilitator. Our cells will heal themselves up to a point. If they are stuck, they will need some assistance; this is where the doctor of Symptometry comes in.  Symptometric treatment is the first of its kind on planet Earth. Invented by Dr. Maxwell Nartey. 

No doctor-patient contact is necessary. Consultation is done over the phone. We now have hope for health and healing!   Contact coach Yvette for your free consultation today.  

Our recipes builds an enzyme surplus! for health and longevity!

Lamb has the amino acid called acetylcholine, which prevents forgetfulness, dementia, and Alzheimer’s

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