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Welcome to Scientific Recipes: Home of scientific eating and living! Together with Symptometry root-cause therapeutics we offer you the only health care system that addresses the needs of the cells in order to overcome any illness or disease naturally and scientifically.

Our approach is to provide the cells with nourishing enzyme building foods that heal and prevent diseases… one morsel at a time! 

A Scientific Approach to Health and Healing!

About us

Scientific recipes together with Symptometry Root Cause Therapeutics (RCT), founder of symptomatic science bring you a new approach to health and healing.  Our goal is to empower you to take personal responsibility for your health and let others (health professionals) take care of it for only a short time.

What sets us apart from other therapeutics is our focus is on the health of the living cells and DNA so our health is maintained. What we eat, drink, and the substances and chemicals we expose ourselves to will affect our cells’ behavior and structure.

To know all there is to know about cellular health, there is only one school one must attend, and this school is called the American School of Symptometry, NFP. The only school that teaches a person to stay healthy by obeying the rules of health, the pH rule, the natural law, and the laws of physics applied to human physiology. Contact coach Yvette for more information. 

We count enzymes not calories

Ancillary enzymes, the little-known workers

Ancillary enzymes are the enzymes our cells produce in addition to the food enzymes to accomplish all their objectives. Ancillary enzymes perform non-food-related functions so that our cells have all the cell essentials, brain essentials, and body essentials to prevent diseases or to restore health that has been compromised.

People are walking blind, meaning they are unaware of how their body functions, what makes them sick, and how enzymes play a significant role in keeping them healthy. Symptometric science was invented with only one objective, which is to enlighten health-conscious individuals on what should be done to stay healthy. To stay healthy, the following six measures are recommended.

  1. Know and comply with the natural and physics laws that apply to human physiology.
  2. Produce food enzymes and ancillary enzymes.
  3. Enhance the cells’ well-being, protect them from harm, remove all the impediments that block the production of cell essentials, brain essentials, and body essentials, and enhance cell nourishment.
  4. Maintain the three-way communication or alignment involving the genes, DNA, and the three RNAs.
  5. Preserve chromosomal integrity, and
  6. Ensure that blood impurity are removed so that blood circulates nutrients and resources faster.

Why Do We Need a Scientific Diet?

Eating a scientific diet makes your health a priority! Consuming scientifically helps you avoid foods that harm your health maintainers (cells and DNA).

We were supposed to eat scientifically from the beginning, but no one has ever taught us until now. Thanks to the discovery of symptometric science, we now know how to avoid illnesses by eating a scientific diet.

Life gives us only two choices: 1) figure out what life is about and what food really is and what it does to our body or 2) live blindly and eat chaotically and suffer the consequences.

I recommend purchasing the book The Downside of Nutrition, The Untold Truth About the Foods We Love by Dr. Maxwell Nartey.

What Makes Symptometry unique?

Symptometry is the only field of therapeutics and research that focus solely on the well-being of the living cells. This is a complete departure from other therapeutics. 

What does the doctor of Symptometry do? He or she is the symptom code decipherer and the healing facilitator. Our cells will heal themselves up to a point. If they are stuck, they will need some assistance; this is where the doctor of Symptometry comes in. 

The objective of Symptometry is to help the human body to heal itself with unadulterated products of Mother that can be used to repair the damaged mechanisms and systems of the body. 

It teaches how the body uses nutrients and water to produce replacement cells, enzymes, neurons, neurotransmitters, and hormones to run the body efficiently.

No doctor-patient contact is necessary. Consultation is done over the phone.  

Our recipes builds an enzyme surplus! for health and longevity!

Lamb has the amino acid called acetylcholine, which prevents forgetfulness, dementia, and Alzheimer’s

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