I am a 65-year-old man with a college degree. I pride myself on having a robust immune system. I grew up on a farm where we used natural cures when sickness came upon us. My Symptometry health coach explained how to enhance my health by periodically cleansing my cells from the congestion, and how to transitioning to a scientific way of eating.  I have to say, my health has  improved tremendously. 


My 25 year old daughter had no energy, fainting spells, and had such low iron her doctor recommended 5 doses of immediate iron transfusions. Her doctor told her if she didn’t do the transfusions, she could do iron pills which would take at least 6 months before seeing any improvement in her labs. After only 2 months of being on Dr Nartey’s molecules and particulates, well as followed his food guide, she saw results! Her hemoglobin, platelets, ferritin, etc. were all normal when previously they had been abnormally low. My daughter was shocked and has become invested in educating herself on the science of food. She now has energy and has gotten back into running. Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Nartey!”
“Dr. Nartey has been helping me since 2014. It began with cerebral headaches, continued into issues with low blood pressure, and recently got severe allergies to all food which resulted in rashes all over my skin and sickness…all because of an antibiotics prescription. Dr Nartey was able to cure all of this. He has harmonized my body so I no longer have rashes on my face/body, and I eat whatever I want based on his food guide. The combination of adhering strictly to his food guide, taking the particulates and molecules are what has kept me in optimal health. I also got menopause and hot flashes earlier than expected and he was able to help ease my comfort as I now don’t experience hot flashes. He has really helped me throughout the years, and has educated me greatly on food science. I’m now in my 50s and in optimal health! 

When I first heard of scientific eating and Symptometry over 7 yrs ago, I was not ready for it. I told my friend who told me about them they wanted me to do what? I was not prepared to change my eating habits. As time went on, I came crawling back and was ready to change my eating habits as I developed diabetes. The and doctors put me on two

diabetes medications which made me sick. I am happy to report that I am off both of my diabetes medications because my blood sugar went back to normal like nothing ever happened. I am proud to say I eat scientifically. Transitioning to a scientific diet was the best thing for my health and it’s tasty!

I have tried different diets from vegetarian, raw foodist, protein, and low carb diets, but I have not experienced anything like the scientific diet. The diet allows me to carefully choose foods that will cause the least harm to my living cells. On top of that, it prevents food-related illnesses in the future. I eat scientifically to protect my health.

I am a 45yr old woman who caught a virus. I had chills, mucus in my chest, and a slight fever. I called my Symptometry health coach and received a product that strengthened the immune system. I overcame my aches and pains; I am a runner and prone to leg injuries; this product helps prevent tearing my ligaments and cartilages.