About Us

You may ask why do we need a scientific diet? Eating a scientific diet will help you live a life of health and longevity—a life where we age gracefully without the aches and pains of old age.
Eating a scientific diet will avoid arthritis, memory loss, vision loss, knee and hip replacements, joints issues. Most diseases occur because we are unknowingly neglecting our cells because of the food choices we feed them. I recommend reading the book titled “The Downside of Nutrition” by Dr. Maxwell Nartey. The untold truth about the foods we love but harm our cells.

Even though our cells gave us shape, form, and biological existence through our organs and systems, they are very fragile. They cannot protect themselves from the strong negative forces of certain unless we use our minds to make the right decisions to protect them.

Unknowingly, we have neglected our cell’s health by eating certain foods that harm or prevent them from getting their nourishment. We eat mainly for our tastebuds or a specific goal like lose weight, gain weight, etc., but this way of eating does not necessarily promote the health of the living cells.

If you are currently battling an illness that you can’t seem to shake, Ill will be happy to introduce you to my partner Symptomery Healthcare where the cells are cleaned, well-nourished, and brought back to life so health and longevity can be possible.

What is health?

Symptometry defines health as “the reward that the totality of the cells bestows on the person who succeeds in aligning the desires of their mind with the needs of their cells.”

If a person’s mind keeps making choices that are not in the best interest of their cells, there will be constant individuals with underlining health conditions that will keep diseases on the rise.

To learn more about transitioning to a scientific lifestyle, please leave your contact info below, and I will contact you within 48hrs.